Bid Pro Series for PlanSwift

The Fastest, Easiest, & Most Accurate Way to Produce Takeoffs, Detailed Material Lists, and Bid Proposals!

PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software is the #1 estimating software on the market. We have developed a series of powerful, easy-to-use, and completely customizable PlanSwift plugins that contain PlanSwift assemblies, lists, report layouts and other advanced properties that result in a user friendly and very versatile system.

 All of our trade plugins are designed to work together so that you can do your takeoff with one trade assembly then simply drag and drop any of the other trades on to your takeoff to add those materials.  All material and bid calculations & report generation is done within PlanSwift (you don’t have to export data out of PlanSwift and enter into another spreadsheet or workbook.) Simply do your takeoff using our assemblies, click on the reports tab, select your report and print to either pdf or excel. It’s that simple!  


"We knew we needed Planswift estimating software to help create much needed efficiencies within our sales process but we also knew we didn’t have the technical expertise and capacity to configure the system. Tradetek has the expertise to quickly build the assemblies to how we do business and the industry knowledge to be able to understand our requirements. Working closely with Justin at Tradetek allowed us to put Planswift into operations in less than half the time and without the rework we would have experienced if we configured Planswift in-house. The development, training, and service have been “best in class” and we know we wouldn’t have the efficiencies we have today without their expertise."

Amy, Milaca Building Center, Minnesota

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Bid Pro Drywall For PlanSwift

Bid Pro Framing For PlanSwift

Bid Pro Light Metal Framing For PlanSwift

Bid Pro Concrete For Planswift

Bid Pro Siding For Planswift

Bid Pro Masonry For Planswift

  • Bid Pro ACT for Planswift

  • Bid Pro Roofing for Planswift

  • Bid Pro Insulation for Planswift

  • Bid Pro Painting for Planswift

  • Bid Pro Millworks for Planswift

  • Bid Pro Flooring for Planswift

  • Bid Pro Tile & Stone for Planswift

Custom PlanSwift Plugins 

We Build Custom Databases for Planswift!

Do you need a specific plugin custom built to include certain properties or to print into a specific report format?  Tradetek Consulting can help! 

We can work with you to custom build a PlanSwift system that will handle your specific needs.  For example, we have worked with clients to build or modify assemblies and have built custom report layouts that allow them to do their takeoff, print their report to excel and import the spreadsheet directly into a different project management software with no manual copy and paste to get the information from PlanSwift into the other software.

Maybe you have a specific way that you bid projects?  We have custom built assemblies and report layouts for clients that allow them to quickly perform a takeoff and print a detailed bid report, with no steps in between.  For one client in particular, we reduced what used to be a 4-5 hour estimating process to 1 hour! 

Contact us today about building your custom PlanSwift Plugin!

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