PlanSwift Software Training for the Future of Your Business

From beginners to advanced gurus, our PlanSwift training is designed for clients with any level of technological expertise. We take the time to understand how you want material and labor to be organized in reports, to ensure that your system is set up to work exactly the way that you need it to.

With the proper setup and training from our experts at Tradetek Consulting, PlanSwift makes your estimating process faster and more accurate. Our staff trains you to utilize the most capable estimating software available on the market today during a process that includes the following:

  • Basic Familiarization with Software
  • Introduction to Primary Features & Takeoff Tools
  • Advanced Customization of Takeoff Tools
  • Assembly Setup & Takeoff Template Tutorial
  • Advanced Setup for Calculating Material & Labor Quantities
  • Custom Report Layout Assistance
  • Labor & Material Database Pricing Training
  • Data & File Storage Location Setup & Backup
  • Introduction to PlanSwift Plugins


"I started to use Tradetek Plugins just a few weeks ago but immediately I felt the benefits not just from the software itself which is changing and expediting my work, but additionally for their support and fast response which is what makes the difference and is positioning their products in the highest level in the market. They understood immediately my needs and customized exactly what our company was looking for. Thanks to the Tradetek team and my best wishes for a great future."

German E. Salcedo A., architect.
RHZ Contractors.
Lafayette, Louisiana.

Turnkey Solutions For Construction Estimating

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PlanSwift estimating software combined with our plugins & training provide a turnkey solution for construction estimating from start to finish. From importing a set of construction plans to performing a digital takeoff that automatically calculates the amount of materials and labor used, this program develops calculated reports based on your unique specifications. It also prints reports that feature your custom design and layout with no additional steps required. All of this is accomplished with report layouts, assembly files, lists & other advanced properties.

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